Becca Magrino I Photographer Becca Magrino I Photographer

Client Reviews

"Becca is wonderful. She is well researched and skilled in photography and was thorough in planning my photo

shoot. Easy to be around, she made me feel considerably less awkward in front of the camera and the photos were fun and

beautiful as a result. I would recommend her to anyone looking for uniquely captivating photos!"

- Justina Shandler 

"I can't tell you how happy I am with the quality of the photos. You "got" exactly what I was saying style-wise and

countermeasured my awkwardness with your photography skills. I'm so happy with the editing, too. You really made them

look as awesome as they could and, again, just got exactly what I was thinking but couldn't communicate. Like seriously,

they came out really awesome. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer."

- Jack Bonneman 

"Amazing job WOW you slammed it. These pictures are so amazingly beautiful OMG you really caught me. I am so excited.

You did a great job and made this old man very happy. Thank you I look forward to working with you in the future."

- Darryl D'Bonneau

"Becca has been photographing me since 2012. From scheduled shoots to impromptu ones, I have yet to experience a time

when Becca wasn’t professional, clear in her direction, and completely dedicated to getting the perfect shot. She knows

which angles work best for whoever or whatever she is photographing, and always makes sure the person feels completely

comfortable. Her editing work is flawless and shows just how talented she is both behind the camera and the computer.

Working with someone as knowledgable and passionate as Becca is always a pleasure."

- Alexa Crapanzano

"As an artist, the visuals I create are just as important as the music I release. Both mediums go hand in hand, each

furthering and expanding the message of the other, to give a complete experience to the viewer and listener. It is imperative

to have a photographer who understands and becomes part of the art being created, and Becca does that to masterful

levels. She and I have accomplished in an hour shoot what most photographers could accomplish in five. Becca helped me

bring life to my art and my dreams, and I am forever grateful to have the chance to work side by side with such a brilliant

artist. I know that I will work with her as much as I possibly can, because she is such a rare talent that creates images and

stories like no other in her field."

- Blaise